Alternative Transportation Sub-Working Group

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I. Mandate

To provide recommendations for the evaluation, planning, development, communication and implementation of alternative transportation structures and methods such as public transit options, parking pass options, and active transportation options for Queen’s community members. Enhance the accessibility, efficiency, and sustainability of transportation at Queen’s. The committee’s work will be focused toward developing solutions to daily commuting in the Kingston area for employees and students. Employee work-related travel to other cities will not be part of the group's mandate at this time. 

Core work of the group would include: 

1. To discuss and provide ideas for options of alternative transportation. To identify the importance and benefits of alternative transportation methods for the environment, human health, as well as economically.  

  • Accessibility 

  • Public transit 

  • Walking  

  • Bike paths, secure bike parking (Indoor bike racks) 

  • Building standards to support active transportation (change rooms/showers/indoor bike storage, etc.)  

  • Car pool or van pool, for staff, faculty, students  

  • EV’s  

  • Policy/Impact of Telecommuting – space planning/use, carbon impacts, parking availability  

  • Hybrid pass or transportation options (i.e. 10 days for parking and 20 bus days) 

2. To identify barriers and solutions for alternative transportation and communicate the actions required by the university needed to implement new alternative transportation methods, as well as enhancing the culture around sustainability and alternative transportation at the university.  

  • Champion advancing research and pedagogy on alternative transportation.  

  • Provide recommendations to develop a communication strategy that will increase awareness.  

3. To receive, assess, discuss, review and make recommendations regarding proposals and development planning that will support the achievement of improved alternative transportation methods.  

II. Roles & Responsibilities

The working group shall fulfil an advisory role and as such will review and provide advice to the Sustainability Working Group regarding projects, initiatives, and policies that improve alternative transportation access and methods on campus for staff, faculty and students. As well as achieving the carbon reductions targeted by the Queen’s University Climate Action Plan, and to enhance the sustainability culture at Queen’s.  

The Chair will provide updates to the Sustainability Working Group on the work of the Alternative Transportation Working Group. 

III. Duration of Membership Term

The membership term for staff, students, and faculty is one year. All appointments are renewable for a second term.  

IV. Subject Matter Experts

The committee may call in subject matter experts to help inform discussions.

V. Working Group Composition

The working group should be composed of a diverse group of Queen’s community members that reside in various neighbourhoods near and far from Queen’s, in order to get a broad range of experience with regards to commuting.  

2021 Group Composition

Chair: Nathan Splinter - Manager, Energy and Sustainability, Sustainability Office

  Name   Title
M. Carrier Graduate Student, School of Urban and Regional Planning
P. Collins Associate Professor, Department of Geography and Planning
K. Cummings-Bentley Administrative & Staffing Assistant, Dean’s Office, Faculty of Education
M. Fellows Sustainability Intern, Sustainability Office
T. Gkotsis University Planner, Office of Planning and Budgeting
C. Gaudreau Special Projects Officer, Office of the Vice-Principal (Finance and Administration)
A. Hopton Sustainability Intern, Sustainability Office
M. Herod PhD Candidate, Geography and Planning
L. Osborne Recycling Coordinator, Sustainability Office
A. Pennock Marketing Administrator, Kingston Transit, City of Kingston
G. Rappell Alumni Officer, Office of Advancement
N. Scott Associate Professor, Department of Geography and Planning

Subject Matter Experts: 

  • Donna Stover – Queen’s Parking Manager  

Sustainable Queen's strives to ensure diverse and equitable participation in its initiatives. The working group welcomes nominations from all interested members of the Queen’s community, and particularly invites nominations of women, people with disabilities, Indigenous community members, racialized community members, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. For more information or to submit a nomination, please contact us